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I'm endia , your yoni fairy!

I am the Owner and Operator at Womb Therapy Endeed, which offers Vaginal Steaming (coming back soon!) and other holistic services. I have a passion for assisting women in their healing journeys through nutrition, herbs, essential oils and healing crystals. 


I help women recognize their power, heal their selves and manifest through their wombs. I am also a PROUD mother of two beautiful girls!

I started my holistic journey in 2009, to improve her overall health and heal myself of health issues my doctors couldn't help me with. I started studying herbs, nutrition, the power of cleansing , fasting and colon hydrotherapy. In 2014 I started doing vaginal steaming on myself monthly and noticed all the wonderful benefits and decided to take an online training course to become certified in Vaginal Steaming.


In December 2015 I started sharing my gift of vaginal steaming with other women and helping them on their journey to heal them selves. I am a Certified Fertility Massage Specialist and a Certified Doula!

I know I am living in my purpose.

When I started my journey in 2015 vaginal steaming was unheard of and hard to get women to trust this ancient healing technique. Woman were still getting use to the word "yoni" for vagina. Over the years I have gained their trust by assisting over 4,000 women with fertility, fibroids, PCOS, endometriosis, loss of a child, vaginal odor, lack of sexual desire, HPV management and so much more!


Blocked Fallopian Tubes

Learn how I helped one of many clients with block Fallopian tubes conceive after doctors told her she would have to adopt or find a surrogate.


This article is about our client with PCOS was able to conceive.

let's work

Are you ready to get your WOMB HEALTH in order?

We have helped over 4,000 women in the United States with Fertility, Fibroids, Endometriosis, Sexual Trauma, Low Libido, Sexual Trauma challenges reach their womb health goals.

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