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Vaginal steaming is also known as: Korean hip bath, Chai-yok, Bajos (ba-hoes), Yoni (yoni is the Sanskrit word for vagina or womb).

Is an ancient practice used by Koreans, Mayan, Aztecs, and African Indigenous cultures of steaming herbs that are used for a series of women issues.

The vagina is one of the most absorbent tissues in female body. The heated herbs penetrate the cervix, urethra, pelvic floor to cleanse, to detox, nourish and tone the uterus.


You sit on an open stool for 60 minutes, covered with a beautiful skirt of your choice. Before you start you are taught womb yoga poses and stretches that support opening the hips, increases circulation to the womb, and removes tension in the back and pelvis area. Next you receive aromatherapy to open up your chakras and ground your energy. You are seated in the steam with healing crystals that are held over your womb. Below the open stool, herbs are heated, releasing an herbal steam directly into the vaginal tissues Womb Therapy Endeed provides a full body sweat detoxification and as the pores open, the skin absorbs the herbal steam. Benefits can last up to 3 days after the session and can be felt immediately!

This Vaginal Herbal Steaming is for mind, body, emotional and spirit support. This is a way to manifest your desires or work on a womb affliction. The best part is it’s done in the comfort of your home

Vaginal tissue is one of the most absorbent of the entire female body. The heated herbs penetrate the cervix, urethra, pelvic floor to cleanse, to detox, nourish and tone the uterus.


1.     Detoxifies the womb to remove excess waste that contributes to tumors, fibroid, cancers and cysts

2.     Improves vaginal tightness

3.     Regenerates damaged tissues

4.     Helps womb absorb herbal medicines into the bloodstream

5.     Helps with feminine odor

6.     Regulates menstruation

7.     Relieves heavy menstruation

8.     Help start detox to kill off viruses, parasites, fungus and bacteria

9.     Helps women conceive

10.   Releases cellular memories of sexual and physical traumas

11.   Speed up recover after childbirth

12.   Builds self-esteem

13.   Relieves menopausal symptoms

14.   Releases Stagnant energy and stimulates creativity

15.   Helps align chakras

16.   Facilitates emotional purging

17.   Reduction and elimination of abnormal growth in the womb with consistent use

18.   Sweating creates cardio benefits

19.   Strengthens the uterus

20.   Mood Stabilization

21.   Relieves abdominal pain/pressure

22.   Relives menstrual cramps

23.   Helps with hemorrhoids

24.   Stimulates growth of white blood cells and antibodies

25.   Stimulation of healthy sexual energy

26.   Powerful orgasms