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5 Vaginal Steams | For Existing Clients $425 Value

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Image of 5 Vaginal Steams | For Existing Clients $425 Value

Highly Recommended for N E W C L I E N T S

Four separate sessions can be done daily, weekly, bi weekly, or monthly.

This detox has be proven to eliminate Bacteria Vaginosis (BV) without re-occurrence.

Increase Fertility

Help Shrink Fibroids and Dissolve Cysts

Clear Blocked Tubes

Increase Vaginal Wetness

Increase Libido (sex drive)

Get you more In Tune with your Womb and Body

Session are more effective when done weekly or bi-weekly.

Personalized regimen to maintain vaginal and womb health in between session.

*Payments can be divided into three payments of $116.67contact for invoice
*Payment Due at Second and Third Session

**You have 90 days from purchase date to use all sessions

Please schedule all four appointments immediately under "Paid Steam": https://squareup.com/appointments/book/E201XJC9RVYN6/womb-therapy-endeed-oxon-hill-md